Artist, Painter

Born in Australia (1937), arrived in London, England (1961)



Attended Lismore High School, NSW, Australia.
Studied Art at National Art School Sydney, Australia (1955-60)
Studied Lithography at Central School of Art London, England (1962)

1977 - 1979 – Lectured on Colour at The Architectural Association, London
1987 - 1988 – Lectured at The Open College of the Arts
1978 - 2006 – Personal Tutor and Specialist Lecturer at Central St Martins School
                        of Art, London, England

One Man Museum Exhibitions:

1973 - Ferens Art Gallery – Hull, England
1973 - City Art Gallery – Manchester, England
1973 - Laing Art Gallery – Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
1974 - Museum and City Art Gallery – Leicester, England
1974 - City Museum and Art Gallery – Portsmouth, England


One Man Shows:

1967 - University of Kent , England
1968 - University of Essex, England
1969 - Gallery Junge Generation- Vienna, Austria
1971 - Lucy Milton Gallery – London, England
1972 - Gallery Van Hulsen- Amsterdam, Holland
1973 - Lucy Milton Gallery – London, England
1974 - Ikon Gallery- Birmingham, England
1974 - Park Square Gallery- Leeds, England
1975 - Kinsman Morrison Gallery- London, England
1976 - Gallery Grafica – Tokyo, Japan
1976 - Institute of Contemporary Art - Formed the Structured Theatre Company, London,
1976 - One Man Show of paintings- ICA- London, England
1976 - Structured Theatre Company – Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University, England
1977 - Gallery Grafica- Nasaka, Japan
1977 - Architectural Association- London, England
1978 - Coracle Press- London, England
1978 - Gallery Morner- Stockholm, Sweden
1979 -1989 All works handled through dealers:
                  Gallery Blanche- Stockholm- Sweden
                  Gallery Orez- Den Hagg- Holland
                  Gallery Grafica- Tokyo-Japan
1984 - Formed Bassett Architectural Constructions and Designs, England
1990 - Formed the Boreatton bat Society of Fine Artists and Designs, England
1991 - Travelling Visually- Boreatton  Hall, Shrewsbury- Master Classes & Performance
1992 - Two page colour article on Boreatton Workshop- Nippon Broadcast Publications
1996 - Gallery Pinc Studios- London, England
1997 - 21st Century Gallery- London, England
1998 - Bonham’s Fine Art– Retrospective Exhibition, London, England
1998 - One Man Show – Cambridge University- Sir Norman Foster Building, England
1999 - Carpet Designed by Allen Barker produced and made by Mike Evans (Asnik Art –
           Fine Carpets) in Badohi, India 
1999 - Documentation of all Exhibitions held in the archive of the Tate Gallery London,
2004 - Arc Art Gallery London, England
2006 - Arc Art Gallery  London, England


Public Collections:

Warwick Art Centre, England
Sheffield Museum and City Art Gallery, England
Leicester Museum and City Art Gallery, England
Manchester City Art Gallery, England
Gallery Orez Mobile- Den Haag, Holland
AT and T- New York, USA
Museum Boymans Van Beuningen- Rotterdam, Holland
Cambridge University, Sir Norman Foster Building, Faculty of Law, England
Lismore Regional Gallery, Australia


Some Group Exhibitions:

1972 - Leicester Museum and City Art Gallery, England
1973 - Five Artists Seriously, London, England
1973 - Industrial Sponsors Exhibition, Peterborough
1973 - Represented England, International Exhibition, New York, USA
1973 - Industrial Sponsors Exhibition( Ronald Alley)
1974 - Australian Exhibition, Lincoln and London, England
1975 - Second British International Drawing Biennale
1976 - Bellast Arts Council Gallery
           Cardiff National Museum of Wales
           Birmingham Art Gallery
           Carhsle Art Gallery
           Edinburgh, Charlotte Square Gallery
           Newcastle, Laing Art Gallery
           London, Camden Arts Centre
           Contemporary British Painting, Sheffield City Art Gallery
1977 - Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
           Contemporary Watercolour
1981 - Established Australian artists living in Europe
           New South Wales House, London
1985 - The Seventh Floor Gallery , saint Martin’s- London
1989 - Rudeness on the Beach, St Martin’s- London
1997 - Central Saint Martin’s Staff Exhibition- Conway Hall, London

Numerous works in Private Collections:

Peter Townsend
Jan Brumm, New York
Paul Power, New York
Philippa Beal, France
Olga and Vladimir Mitrokhin, Moscow
Trix Betlem, Amsterdam
Helen Michael, London
Chris Theo, London
Esther Franklin, London
Damaris Brotherstone, London
Regina Olliver, London
Tony Burton, Gloucestershire
Lucy Milton, Newcastle
Margaret Gordon, UK
Peter Hulson, UK
Lindsey Wilcox, UK


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